Intrusion Detection and Prevention Startup Bricata Raises $8 Million

Bricata, a cybersecurity startup from Columbia, Md., announced today that it had raised $8 million in a Series A financing round led by Edison Partners.

The new funding comes after the company issued a major update to its intrusion detection and prevention solution this spring. Imbued with threat hunting capabilities made possible by the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, Bricata also offers a streamlined policy management experience and context-aware alerting, that enables IT security teams to quickly gauge the severity of any threat the platform encounters. Line-speed packet inspection capabilities provides sustained security visibility into network traffic.

By the company’s own admission, the intrusion detection and prevention space (IDS/IPS) is a mature one. Nonetheless, John Trauth, CEO and cofounder of Bricata, believes that some targeted innovation can breathe new life into segment and help his company stand apart from the competition.

“Bricata is different because it looks at threats from three different perspectives,” Trauth told eSecurity Planet. “This extends beyond the legacy approach of identifying threats through signature analysis, by examining behavioral anomalies on the network, and also employing binary object analysis that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to defend against variants and zero-day threats.”

And good luck trying to stage an attack unnoticed, said Trauth.

“We address network-based threats, including known threats and attacks using high-performance signature analysis,” he informed. Meanwhile, the company’s extensible network monitoring, zero-day identification and anomaly detection capabilities is continually scours an organization’s IT environments for unknown threats.

Apart from shielding corporate networks from next-generation threats, Bricata also serves to help security professionals better focus their time, energy and resources, ultimately enabling them to devote their talents to high-impact work.

“Bricata combines the alert information commonly available from standard IDS/IPS solutions with enriched metadata to provide more context around the alert, helping to differentiate signal from noise, better correlation, and extend more understanding about the event,” added Trauth. “This enables security organizations to prevent known threats, detect threats that do not belong and hunt for threats that are hiding inside the perimeter.”

It’s a multi-pronged approach that adds clarity and a bit of sanity to one of the most high-pressure roles in IT.

“Looking at threats in three different ways solves a big problem for large enterprises. Many are drowning in cybersecurity alerts that need further investigation – but appear in such volumes it overwhelms the staff,” said Trauth.

Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez is a contributor to eSecurity Planet, eWEEK, and the IT Business Edge Network. Previously, he served as a managing editor for the network of IT-related websites and as the Green IT curator for GigaOM Pro.

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