iCloud Accounts May Have Been Hacked

In the last few days, several iCloud users have stated on Apple’s forums that their iCloud accounts have been sending out spam, and appear to have been hacked. User ?ivindfromoslo wrote, “never used the iCloud e-mail account for anything (and I hate that apple forces it on you) but suddenly everyone in my contact list have received spam mails from that @me.com address.”

User solargaze reported, “I called Apple to let them know what had happened with my account and explained to them that my password was not simply ‘guessed’ as guessing a long string of pseudo randomly generated letters, numbers, and characters is not likely. The guy I talked to said they had no other reports of such an issue but would make a note of it in case other reports came in and a pattern emerged. So, I encourage anyone who this has happened to to contact Apple via phone and let them know that it’s an issue.”

“A second thread was also started this week by another user experiencing similar issues,” notes AppleInsider’s Neil Hughes. “The threads have a relatively small number of replies and reader views, suggesting any possible coordinated hacking of iCloud accounts was not widespread. Users affected by the apparent string of hacks say they found a series of spam e-mails in the ‘Sent’ folder of their iCloud e-mail account. The advertisements were sent to users’ contacts that were synced with iCloud, and were related to ‘making money on your home computer.'”

“It seems that the spam messages were forwarded to contacts that were synchronized using iCloud,” writes Ubergizmo’s Edwin Kee. “Those on your Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird contact lists seemed immune from this alleged threat. Hopefully whatever alleged breach will be patched up sooner rather than later by Apple, and an apology would be nice at this juncture.”

Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman has been a technology journalist for more than 20 years and an eSecurity Planet contributor since 2009.

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