How Symantec’s New COO Measures Security Success

Symantec acquired security vendor Blue Coat in a $4.65 billion deal that closed on August 1. As part of the deal, the Blue Coat management team, including President and Chief Operating Officer Mike Fey came on board to manage the new combined entity.

One of the key things that Fey brings into the mix is a focus on execution and operational discipline. In a video interview, Fey explains how he will facilitate the needs of multiple product teams and how he will define success.

“The world has changed, the concept of burn and grow at all cost is not viable or sustainable; shareholders, the market and customers want viable companies,” Fey said.

He emphasized that Symantec will measure itself based on both growth and profitability, as both are important. Other security vendors that don’t manage the need to grow as a function of profitability will often end up in a bad spot, he said.

When companies grow at an unsustainable rate, they will find themselves with a valuation that can’t be supported, Fey warned.

“They can’t support their growth path; they are too big to go IPO and their cash burn is too high to be bought, so customers are left in limbo,” Fey said. “We see that as a failure in our industry to not keep the fundamentals in check while you build and innovate.”

Watch the video interview with Mike Fey below:

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