Google Sued Over Changes to Privacy Policy

Two separate lawsuits were filed in New York and California this week claiming that Google’s recent changes to its privacy policy are a violation of its users’ privacy rights.

“The New York lawsuit, the text of which is available on The Los Angeles Times Web site, says the change in Google’s guidelines enacted March 1 ‘violates Google’s prior privacy policies, which deceived and misled consumers by stating that Google would not utilize information provided by a consumer in connection with his or her use of one service, with any other service, for any reason, without the consumer’s consent,'” writes CNET News’ Elinor Mills.

The California lawsuit, which two plaintiffs filed Tuesday in federal court in San Jose, makes the same arguments,” Mills writes. “‘Google is now aggregating consumers’ personal information without consumers’ consent; has failed to provide a simple, effective opt-out mechanism,…’ the suit claims.”

Go to “Google users sue over changes to privacy policy” to read the details.

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