Farsight Security Takes DNS Insights to Improve Security [VIDEO]

Paul Vixie and Paul Mockapetris are perhaps best known in the IT community for their work in DNS, with Mockapetris the inventor of the Domain Name System and Vixie the creator of the BIND DNS server. The two men aren’t just DNS guys though, they are also on the leadership team of Farsight Security.

Mockapetris sits on the board of directors, while Vixie is chairman and CEO. In a video interview, Vixie discusses what Farsight Security is all about and how DNS information can help organizations perform better security analysis and forensic investigations.

“Normally the data that (customers) are giving us has no value to them, indeed has no value to anyone, until it has been aggregated,” Vixie said.

Some 600 megabits per second of real time raw data input comes into Farsight Security, with half of the data DNS related and the rest a mix of other networking metadata. Farsight processes the raw data in a number of different ways to find insight.

“If something is happening on the Internet then DNS is involved, and we probably have a better than even chance of having seen at least one server do a lookup,” Vixie said.

Watch the full video interview with Paul Vixie below:

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Sean Michael Kerner
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