Analytics Firm Antuit Launches AI Threat Intelligence Division

Antuit, a big data analytics firm, announced on Dec. 19 that it had established a new division called CYFIRMA devoted to serving up threat intelligence offerings based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

“CYFIRMA helps companies optimize their security posture and better allocate often limited security resources, talent and funds,” said Shiong Tan, COO and co-founder of Antuit and head of CYFIRMA, in a statement. “The market pain point has moved very quickly from creating a functional security posture to maintaining it against well-funded, constantly evolving enemies. CYFIRMA’s products and services significantly reduce security risks while lowering overall security costs, making information available every day to clients for optimal security governance and control configuration.”

The CYFIMRA platform employs machine learning to deliver real-time insights on emerging threats, which are tailored to each client’s individual IT environment and the industry it operates in. It also offers businesses an insider’s perspective on the tactics used by cyber-attackers.

“To effectively manage cyber risk, organizations have no choice but to more fully understand the cybercriminals they are up against,” remarked Kumar Ritesh, co-founder and CTO of CYFIRMA. “There is now a clear requirement for improved application of contextual cyberthreat intelligence to a company’s overall cybersecurity posture—including its strategic, management and technical layers—not just its tactical security controls.”

Antuit is among an increasing number of companies that are using AI to help enterprises keep attackers and other cybersecurity threats at bay.

By and large, security pros consider AI a game changer. A recent LogRhythm survey revealed that although less than half of organizations use AI to combat cyber threats, 90 percent of those that do are benefitting from its knack for boosting the effectiveness of their IT security efforts.

Of course, vendors are seizing the opportunity.

In August, Seattle-based Versive announced it had raised $12.7 million. The company’s solution, Versive Security Engine, uses AI to detect and identify threats to enterprise networks and the data contained within them.

Even Oracle is getting in on the act. In October, the business software maker unveiled Oracle Identity Security Operations Center suite and Oracle Management Cloud, solutions that gather and analyze telemetry and use AI to detect anomalies faster than is humanly possible.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at Datamation. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez is a contributor to eSecurity Planet, eWEEK, and the IT Business Edge Network. Previously, he served as a managing editor for the network of IT-related websites and as the Green IT curator for GigaOM Pro.

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