Zappos Sued Over Security Breach

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A Zappos customer is suing parent company Amazon.com following a data breach that exposed 24 million customers' personal data.

"Theresa Stevens, a resident of Beaumont, Texas, filed a class-action compliant in federal court in Louisville, Ky., against Amazon.com for failing to protect the personal information of Zappos’s customers," Infosecurity reports.

"'Defendant failed to adopt and maintain adequate procedures to protect [personal] information and limit its dissemination only for permissible purposes set forth in the FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act]. Defendant’s wrongful actions and/or inaction also constitute common law invasion of privacy by the public disclosure of private facts and common law negligence,' the complaint alleged," the article states.

Go to "Zappos faces class-action lawsuit on behalf of 24 million customers" to read the details.

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