WikiLeaks Hit by Ongoing Cyber Attacks

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WikiLeaks has been crippled by DDoS attacks for more than a week.

"WikiLeaks claims that their servers are being attacked by 10 Gbps of bogus traffic per second. If true, this is one of the largest DDoS attacks on record," writes WebProNews' Zach Walton. "Having lasted for nine days, it might also be the longest sustained DDoS attack on record."

"A group calling themselves AntiLeaks has claimed responsibility for the attack," writes Digital Journal's Anne Sewell. "The group refers to Julian Assange as 'a new breed of terrorist' and states that they launched the attack in response to Assange's attempt to seek political asylum in Ecuador. The group's self-proclaimed leader, who calls himself 'Diet Pepsi,' gave a statement on Twitter: 'We are young adults, citizens of the United States of America and are deeply concerned about the recent developments with Julian Assange and his attempt at asylum in Ecuador.'"

"The AntiLeaks group hasn't been heard of before and its Twitter feed only started this month," notes The Register's Iain Thomson.

"AntiLeaks said Monday in a posting that Internet chatter that the group is U.S.-government backed is not true: 'We find the speculation that we are not behind these attacks and/or that we are CIA/NSA/FBI or even wikileaks themselves to be downright comical,'" writes MSNBC's Suzanne Choney.