Wesley College Mistakenly Publishes Student Data Online

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The News Journal reports that Delaware's Wesley College mistakenly published more than 100 students' test scores, grades and written critiques online (h/t DataBreaches.net).

The records were posted in 2011 by someone at the school in a folder that wasn't password-protected, but the mistake wasn't corrected until The News Journal contacted the college last week after coming across the data online.

"The discovery revealed a flaw with how Wesley faculty stored some records, said Jody Sweeney, a college spokesman," writes The News Journals' Nichole Dobo. "Wesley College staff members are reviewing every document posted on the website -- wesley.edu -- to ensure the mistake is not repeated elsewhere, he said."

According to Sweeney, the data was posted online by faculty members who were compiling records for a review by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). While the file wasn't password-protected, the staff assumed that access was limited by the fact that it wasn't linked to from the college's home page.

The accessible files included criticism of students' academic performance, as well as reports of students' personal problems. "She shared that she is already working very late into each night, and as a result had a minor car accident due to falling asleep," one report notes.