Virginia Health System Admits Security Breach

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Virginia's Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System recently announced the firing of two nursing assistants for improperly accessing patients' medical records (h/t PHIprivacy.net).

According to a statement from the health system, the information improperly accessed included one or more of the following: names, birthdates, dates and times of service, provider and facility names, hospital medical record and account numbers (which may have included Social Security numbers), and treatment information.

The Daily Press' Prue Salasky reports that 5,000 patients' medical records may have been accessed between April 2012 and April 2013.

PHIprivacy.net notes that previous insider breaches at Bon Secours include three separate incidents of theft of patient information for use in fraud, which were disclosed in September 2008, February 2009 and October 2012.

All potentially affected patients are being offered free identity protection from Kroll Advisory Solutions, and advised to call (866) 599-7347 with any questions.