Virginia Commonwealth University Hit by Security Breach

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A server at Virginia Commonwealth University was recently hacked, exposing personal information on more than 176,000 current and former students and employees.

"Staff at the Richmond, Va., university first discovered suspicious files on a server on Oct. 24, and after taking it offline, found that an Internet worm had infected the server and allowed an intruder to access it for 56 minutes on Oct. 19, VCU wrote on its website," writes SecurityNewsDaily's Matt Liebowitz.

"On Oct. 29, VCU staff found a second server that had been illegally accessed for 16 minutes on Oct. 19," Liebowitz writes. "This server contained personally identifiable information, including Social Security numbers, names, school and personal email addresses and in some cases dates of birth, job titles and contact information for 176,567 employees and students."

Go to "Data Breach Hits Virginia Commonwealth University" to read the details.

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