Victorinox Offers Refunds for Security-Free USB Drives

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On Facebook, Victorinox recently announced that it will be offering refunds for its Slim, Secure and Presentation Master products, due to the fact that the security software in the devices will expire in a matter of days.

In a recent press release, the company stated, "Effective September 15, 2012, the encryption software (secure.exe) pre-loaded on Victorinox Slim, Secure and Presentation Master products will expire due to non-renewal of the software's VeriSign certificate. Unfortunately, we are not able to continue support of the encryption software since the control over the decision to renew the certificate was not ours. This means that consumers who own these products and have saved information within the preloaded encryption software will need to back up their data elsewhere to avoid loss of access to the data."

"The Slim, Secure and Presentation Master storage sticks can still be used as run-of-the-mill thumb drives after the cut-off date, but the Swiss Army Knife maker's application will no longer be able to scramble or unscramble their contents," writes Engadget's Alexis Santos.

"Customers wanting to take advantage of the refund offer must do so by contacting the company by 31 December 2012 using an online form," writes PCWorld's John E Dunn. "A member of the support team would phone to confirm the process and issue a refund within two weeks, Victorinox said. Despite the simple refund process, the company will have won itself few friends by the sudden decision to withdraw security from a range of products it only started selling 18 months ago. This is a company whose corproate tag line is 'companion for life.'"