VeriSign Was Hacked in 2010

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In an SEC filing, VeriSign has admitted that it was hit by a series of data breaches two years ago.

"In the 10-Q filing, the company said that it suffered multiple data breaches during 2010, and that data was stolen," writes The Register's Iain Thomson. "Exactly what is missing the company isn’t saying, although it believes it was unrelated to the company’s DNS servers. Senior management weren’t told of the attacks until September 2011, the filing claims, but security reporting procedures have since been revamped."

"'The Company’s information security group was aware of the attacks shortly after the time of their occurrence and the group implemented remedial measures designed to mitigate the attacks and to detect and thwart similar additional attacks,' the filing reads," Thomson writes.

Go to "Verisign admits 2010 hack attack, mum on what was nicked" to read the details.

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