Vendors Report Surge in DDoS Attacks

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New reports from Prolexic and Arbor Networks warn of an increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

"During the fourth quarter of last year, Prolexic detected 45 percent more DDoS attacks compared to the similar period of 2010 and more than twice the number of attacks observed during the third quarter of 2011," writes PCWorld's Lucian Constantin.

"This trend is also reflected in a new report from Arbor Networks which surveyed 114 representatives of different market segments about their experience with DDoS attacks in 2011," Constantin writes. "Over 40 percent of respondents said they experienced attacks that exceeded 1 Gbps in bandwidth last year, while 13 percent said they were the target of at least one attack that exceeded 10 Gbps."

Go to "Denial-of-service Attacks Are on the Rise, Anti-DDoS Vendors Report" to read the details.

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