UPMC Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Data Breach

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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is facing a class action lawsuit over a recent data breach that may have exposed as many as 27,000 employees' tax information.

"We find it extremely troubling that when UPMC first confirmed the identity thefts in February, it claimed that only about 20 workers were affected," attorney Benjamin Sweet told the Post-Gazette. "Now, UPMC has admitted that the personal and financial information of more than 27,000 workers has been compromised, and that at least 788 of those have already been the victims of tax fraud."

The lawsuit claims that UPMC "violated federal guidelines and failed to meet current data security industry standards by failing to ensure adequate security" of employee data.

Human resources software provider Ultimate Software is also named in the lawsuit, though company spokeswoman Darlene Marcroft told TribLIVE that UPMC isn't a client. "We are in the process of confirming the facts, but to our knowledge University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is not a customer of ours and we are not involved in their HR/payroll data," Marcroft said.

The suit seeks monetary damages, 25 years of credit monitoring and credit restoration for those affected, and payment of fees and expenses associated with the lawsuit.

UPDATE 5/15/14: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the lawsuit has been dismissed by the plaintiff after it was determined that Ultimate Software was not involved. "Our ongoing investigation has concluded that Ultimate Software Group was misidentified in our filing of last week and we have decided to dismiss them as a party to the suit," attorney Benjamin Sweet told the Post-Gazette. "Our case against UPMC for this significant data breach continues in Common Pleas Court."

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