University of Virginia Admits Data Breach

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The University of Virginia recently acknowledged that a brochure containing information about the U.Va. Student Health Insurance Plan provided by Aetna Student Health, which was mailed to approximately 18,700 U.Va. students, included students' Social Security numbers printed above their names (h/t Huffington Post).

"The brochures were mailed on July 3, 2013, but we were not made aware of the problem until July 11, 2013," James C. Turner, U.Va. Executive Director of Student Health, wrote in an announcement posted on the university's Web site. "We immediately updated the computer program used to gather the student information to prevent any recurrence. We then moved as quickly as possible to investigate what happened, identify the affected students, and notify them."

Turner said the university had inadvertently provided Aetna with an out-of-date program for the brochure mailing that automatically included students' Social Security numbers along with their names and mailing addresses.

All affected students are being offered one year of free access to a credit monitoring service, and the university has established a toll free numbers that students and parents can call with questions.