UK Police Charged with Inappropriately Accessing Data


The Derby Telegraph reports that 19 staff members of the UK's Derbyshire Police have inappropriately accessed information in violation of data protection rules over the past three years (h/t

"One officer searched the force database to find information logged about his relationship with an illegal immigrant," the Telegraph reports. "He resigned before misconduct proceedings could take place."

Other violations included one person who was fired for inappropriately viewing information on an "associate," another person who looked up data on family members, and a third who accessed confidential information on an incident they were involved in outside of work.

Of the 19 people involved in such violations, the Telegraph states, only one, PC Jasbir Dhanda, was actually convicted on criminal offenses. Dhanda was imprisoned for two and a half years for having sex with a prostitute while on duty, and for using the police database to look up personal information on the prostitute as well as on other women.

"We take our responsibilities under the Data Protection Act very seriously and all staff and officers receive training about the legislation to ensure that, as far as possible, breaches do not occur," Deputy Chief Constable Alan Goodwin told the Telegraph. "The police service, for obvious reasons, holds very sensitive information and quite rightly the public expects that the security and proper use of this information will be safeguarded at all times. Regrettably, there are occasions when the actions of a minority of our staff fall below the standard that we and the public expect of them."