UK Government Warns of Surge in Cyber Attacks

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According to GCHQ director Iain Lobban, major IT systems throughout the UK are facing a rising level of cyber attacks.

"Writing in the Times newspaper, the head of the UK's surveillance and listening station said that sensitive data on government computers had been targeted, along with defense, technology and engineering firms' designs," Infosecurity reports.

"'I can attest to attempts to steal British ideas and designs – in the IT, technology, defence, engineering and energy sectors, as well as other industries – to gain commercial advantage or to profit from secret knowledge of contractual arrangements', he said, adding this type of intellectual property theft doesn't just cost the companies concerned. 'It represents an attack on the UK's continued economic well-being,'" the article states.

Go to "GCHQ's director says that UK cyberattacks are on the rise" to read the details.

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