U.S. Department of Energy Hacked


The Washington Free Beacon this morning broke the news that the U.S. Department of Energy was recently hacked, resulting in the compromise of several hundred employees' and contractors' personal information.

"Energy Department officials, along with FBI agents, are investigating the attack on servers at the Washington headquarters," writes The Free Beacon's Bill Gertz. "They believe the sophisticated penetration attack was not limited to stealing personal information. There are indications the attackers had other motives, possibly including plans to gain future access to classified and other sensitive information."

"Among other things, the department includes the National Nuclear Security Administration, which manages nuclear power and weapons," The Daily Mail reports.

"The FBI is said to be investigating the hack, which occurred two weeks ago at the Department of Energy's Washington-based HQ, and affected 14 servers and 20 desktop workstations," writes Sophos' Graham Cluley. "A Fox News headline on the incident attempts to link the attack to Chinese hackers, but the original Free Beacon report admits that both the source and identity of the hackers is unknown."

"'We’re seeing a widespread colonization of significant U.S. infrastructure,' said Tom Kellermann, a vice president for cybersecurity at Trend Micro, a Tokyo-based security company. 'The level of organization and premeditation behind these attacks is really unprecedented,'" writes The New York Times' Nicole Perlroth.