U.S. Chamber of Commerce Suffers Security Breach

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According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Chinese hackers breached the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, gaining extensive access to internal data.

"Although details are scant, it appears that the hackers had access to the Chamber's network for over a year before they were cleared out in May 2010, the Journal's sources say," writes CNET News' Don Reisinger. "The hackers stole six weeks of e-mail from four Chamber employees who were focusing their time on Asia, and could have gained access to all the information the Chamber has on its 3 million members."

"Although the U.S. government hasn't officially tied the breach to the Chinese government, sources tell the Journal that the group suspected of hacking into the organization's network has ties with Beijing," Reisinger writes.

Go to "Chinese hackers target U.S. Chamber of Commerce, report says" to read the details.

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