U.K. Announces New Joint Cyber Reserve

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U.K. Defense Secretary Philip Hammond recently announced that the Ministry of Defense is planning to recruit hundreds of computer experts as "cyber reservists," with the aim of defending the country's national security (h/t ESET).

The new Joint Cyber Reserve will involve both cyber reservists and regular forces collaborating to defend critical networks and data -- and to launch attacks if necessary.

"In response to the growing threat, we are developing a full-spectrum military cyber capability, including a strike capability, to enhance the U.K.'s range of military capabilities," Hammond said in a statement. "Increasingly, our defense budget is being invested in high-end capabilities such as cyber and intelligence and surveillance assets to ensure we can keep the country safe."

"The Cyber Reserves will be an essential part of ensuring we defend our national security in cyberspace," Hammond said. "This is an exciting opportunity for Internet experts in industry to put their skills to good use for the nation, protecting our vital computer systems and capabilities."

Recruitment for the Joint Cyber Reserve will target three key groups: personnel leaving the Armed Forces, current and former reservists with appropriate skills, and people with no military experience but with appropriate technical knowledge.

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