Trend Micro Intros Custom Defense Security Solution

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Trend Micro recently introduced a new advanced threat protection solution called Custom Defense.

"Trend Micro chief product officer Steve Quane said that the release of the Custom Defense platform was a response by the company to a new wave of attacks that are custom-built to infect unique targets and individuals," writes V3.co.uk's Shaun Nichols. "With attackers looking to launch unique attacks for their targets, the company felt the need to change its own approach. 'Customers were waiting for the anti-virus industry to tell them how to respond,' Quane said."

"Essentially, Trend Micro’s 'Custom Defense' solution entails a combination of software, global threat intelligence and specialized tools and services that partners can use to stave off APTs and other targeted attacks for customers," writes Channelnomics' Stefanie Hoffman.

"As part of Custom Defense, Trend announced specialized sniffer tools that work watching for attempts by attackers to worm their way into a corporate network," writes Network World's Ellen Messmer. "One tool watches for signs of suspicious activity directed at a Microsoft Active Directory server -- hackers often try to go there first to see who has administrative rights so they can target that person. Another Trend tool is intended to watch an email server, or endpoint software to monitor browser behavior for signs of attacks or compromise."

"Once a threat is detected, Custom Defense enables organizations to analyze the attack’s origin, characteristics and the risks it poses," Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "The information is necessary because it can guide the target on how to contain the attack. In order to protect its network against further hits, the targeted company is aided in creating custom responses, including spear phishing protection and IP blacklists. In the future, each attack will be assigned a custom signature to make the mitigation process even more rapid."

"The solution is being marketed through the Trend Micro channel," writes CRN's Ken Presti. "The company is now in the process of reaching out to security-focused partners, specifically those with technology focused on defense against advanced persistent threats."