Three Jailed in UK for Phishing Scam

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Crime and Justice reports that three men were recently sentenced in London Crown Court for a scam involving the publication of more than 2,600 phishing pages and the theft of almost 30,000 bank customers' personal details (h/t Softpedia).

The phishing pages targeted victims in the U.S., Russia, China, Australia, Canada and the UK by mimicking banking Web sites and requested victims' login credentials.

Nigerian citizen Sunday Godday Etu, 27, and Romanian citizens Inout Caraman, 22, and Adrian Iorgovean, 27, were arrested following an investigation by the UK's Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) supported by SOCA Cyber, the banking industry, and global partners including the U.S. Secret Service.

The three men were tracked to a luxury hotel in central London, where they were caught on October 29, 2012 while using laptops to log into servers holding stolen banking data.

"These convictions have struck a major and decisive blow against this global cyber crime gang," PCeU investigating officer DI Jason Tunn said in a statement. "Quite what they have managed to steal is yet to be determined but their conviction has prevented them from systematically defrauding thousands more bank customers across the world. This is by far the biggest case the PCeU has dealt with to date and is likely to be the biggest cyber phishing case so far in the UK."

Caraman was sentenced to seven years and two months in prison, Iorgovean was sentenced to five years and seven months in prison, and Etu was sentenced to eight years.