Survey: Companies Aren't Protecting Corporate Data on Personal Devices

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According to the results of a recent Aruba Networks survey [PDF file] of 3,000 employees worldwide, 34 percent of Europeans, 35 percent of Middle Easterners and 51 percent of Americans say their IT departments don't take any steps to ensure the security of corporate files and apps on their personal devices (h/t Help Net Security).

Fifteen percent of European workers and 17 percent of Middle Eastern and American employees haven't told their employers that they're using a personal mobile device for work -- and 13 percent of Europeans, 26 percent of Middle Easterners and 11 percent of Americans say they wouldn't report that their personal device had been compromised, even if it leaked company data.

Twenty-five percent of European employees, 31 percent of Middle Eastern employees and 45 percent of U.S. employees say they worry about their IT departments having access to their personal data -- and 18 percent in Europe and 26 percent in the Middle East worry that their IT department would interfere with their private data if they provided access to their device.

"The research from both sides of the Atlantic shows that employees and IT departments are gambling with data security, but chance isn't the only factor," Aruba Networks chief marketing officer Ben Gibson said in a statement. "In short, employees resent the power their employers now wield over their personal data, but are equally unconcerned about keeping company data."