Straight Dope Forum Hacked

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The Straight Dope message board forum was recently hacked, exposing user names, e-mail addresses and hashed passwords (h/t Softpedia).

It's not clear from the company's announcement how the breach occurred, when it was discovered, or how many users are affected.

All users are being advised to change their passwords immediately, and to change their login information on any other sites where they used the same passwords. Straight Dope editor Ed Zotti says the company is "taking several steps to prevent unauthorized access to our systems," and is working with law enforcement to investigate the incident.

Still, elsewhere on the Straight Dope message boards, user dublos noted that the password reset link being sent in the e-mail to users leads to a suntimesmail.com Web site, not directly to straightdope.com. "It is an incredibly stupid thing to include links in the e-mail that do not lead to the actual Web page the link shows," dublos wrote.

Users with questions are advised to contact the Straight Dope support team at (800) 645-0375.