Stanford Hospital Sued Over Security Breach

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A class action lawsuit for $20 million has been filed against Stanford Hospital after 20,000 patients' personal information was made available on a public Web site for a year.

"Last week, Shana Springer, one of the patients whose information was exposed, filed the class-action lawsuit against Stanford Hospital & Clinics and Multi-Specialty Collection Services, an outside vendor that was allegedly responsible for the breach, in Los Angeles County Superior Court," Infosecurity reports. "The lawsuit asks for $1,000 per patient, according to a report by Palo Alto Weekly."

"In a statement, the hospital said it 'intends to vigorously defend the lawsuit that has been filed as it acted appropriately and did not violate the law as claimed in the lawsuit,'" the article states.

Go to "Stanford Hospital faces $20 million lawsuit over patient data breach" to read the details.

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