Singapore Polytechnic Intros Cyber Wargame Center

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Singapore Polytechnic recently announced the launch of its new Cyber Wargame Center, which is part of the school's Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) program.

"The centre, situated in the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology, is co-funded by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA)," writes My Paper's Haley Chan. "It is the first of its kind in a tertiary-education institution here and comprises four learning spaces for teaching computer forensics and 'playing' with malicious software, among other things. ... With over 1,000 cybercrime cases reported under the Computer Misuse Act over the past five years, IDA hopes that the centre will be able to better equip students to deal with real-world cybersecurity situations."

"Liew Chin Chuan, course manager of Singapore Polytechnic's DISM, also explained the center will go beyond traditional computer security teachings such as offensive, defensive and investigative skills," writes ZDNet's Ellyne Phneah. "DISM's students will also be able to learn how to find vulnerabilities of the systems from an attackers' perspective and detect intrusion from the cyberdefender's perspective. 'We are an advocate of 'learning-by-doing' and we aim to create a realistic environment for [our] students to acquire the operational and tactical engagement skills in responding to cyber threats,' Liew said."