Security Lapse Exposes 525 U.S. Air Force Employees' Personal Data

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The Standard-Examiner reports that the personal information of 525 employees of Utah's Hill Air Force Base may have been exposed when an unidentified employee sent the data to an unprotected e-mail address (h/t SC Magazine).

The employee, who was working with data containing base employees' names and Social Security numbers, forwarded the information to a personal e-mail account so he could finish the work from home. Doing so violated base, Air Force and Department of Defense policy.

All 525 employees affected by the incident have been notified by mail. "While there is no excuse for violating this policy, I do want to assure you this was not a malicious act," John C. Cullinane, director of Hill's 75th Force Support Squadron, wrote in the notification letter.

While an investigation found no indication that the data had been used maliciously, all those affected are being advised to place a fraud alert on their credit files.

According to the Standard-Examiner, it's unclear whether the attempt to finish work at home was a result of government-mandated furloughs, which give base employees one less day each week to handle their regular workload.