Secunia Offers Non-Financial Rewards for Security Flaws

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Secunia recently announced a new reward program for researchers who inform the company of new vulnerabilities.

"But whilst Tipping Point's Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) and Verisign's iDefense dip deep into their pockets, offering rewards which can stretch to five-figure sums, the Secunia Vulnerability Coordination Reward Programme is offering 'top-of-the-range merchandise' and free entry to and hotel accommodation at a security conference," The H Security reports.

"Secunia, however, sees itself as complementing, rather than competing with, the likes of ZDI," the article states. "It will, for example, offer rewards for vulnerabilities which are of no interest to other companies."

Go to "Secunia offers T-shirts for security vulnerabilities" to read the details.

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