Sandia Labs Scientist Charged with Data Theft

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Jianyu Huang, a scientist at Sandia National Laboratories, was recently charged with stealing research data and sharing it with state-run universities in China.

"The lab said that Huang was fired in April for removing a company-owned laptop from the facility," writes redOrbit's Lee Rannals.

"Huang was arraigned Tuesday on five counts of federal program fraud and one count of false statements," The Washington Post reports. "He is accused of embezzling and sharing information from his position with the lab’s Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies since 2009, according to a federal indictment. Elizabeth Martinez, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office of New Mexico, said Wednesday that Huang will remain in federal custody until he meets release conditions."

"Huang, a lab worker at the New Mexico nanotechnology research center, is accused of stealing research belonging to the United States and claiming it was his own original research, sharing that information online with several state-run Chinese universities, his indictment said," UPI reports. "He did not have access to classified national security information, Sandia National Labs said."

"He's accused of lying to lab counterintelligence officers about taking a laptop [to China] that belongs to the lab, a violation of lab procedures," writes KRQE's Jessica Garate. "Lab workers are not allowed to take any lab equipment on international trips without approval. In a statement released by Sandia Monday, it says it expects all employees to follow procedures. He was fired for violating those procedures."