RSA Blames Nation State for Cyber Attack


RSA has stated that the cyber attack on its network earlier this year was traced to two groups working on behalf of a single nation state.

"Speaking at a press Q&A during the RSA Conference Europe show, executives from the vendor revealed more about what happened during and after the breach in March, which ultimately forced the firm to offer new authentication tokens to all of its 20,000-plus customers," writes The Inquirer's Phil Muncaster. "'There were two individual groups from one nation state, one supporting the other. One was very visible and one less so,' said RSA executive chairman Art Coviello."

"The admission by Coviello will once again focus eyes on China, which has been implicated in similar Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) involved in the Operation Aurora attacks on Google and countless other firms discovered in early 2010 and Night Dragon attacks on energy firms in February this year," Muncaster writes.

Go to "Two groups executed the rsa security attack" to read the details.

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