Researchers Warn of 'Major Privacy Vulnerability' in Skype

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Security researchers have uncovered a way to track the IP addresses of Skype users, and link that data to those user's online activities, including file sharing.

"The method, which is laid out in a recently published academic paper [PDF file], works even when Skype users have configured their accounts to accept calls only from people in their contact lists," writes The Register's Dan Goodin. "It also works against Skype users who aren't currently logged in, as long as they've used the VoIP program in the past three days."

"The scientists said Google Talk, MSN Live and other real-time communication applications may also be susceptible to the technique, but they singled Skype out for containing what they called 'a major privacy vulnerability,'" Goodin writes.

Go to "Skype lets hackers track your BitTorrent downloads" to read the details.

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