Report Warns of Data Leaks at Social Security Administration

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According to a report by the Scripps Howard News Service, the Social Security Administration (SSA) leaks thousands of Americans' Social Security numbers every year.

"The leaks are the result of keying errors made by SSA employees when entering data into the agency's Death Master File, a database containing the records of 90 million deceased Americans," writes Computerworld's Jaikumar Vijayan. "Since 1980, when the SSA first started making the file publicly available, more than 400,000 SSNs belonging to living Americans may have been inadvertently published in the Death Master File as a result of the errors, according to the report."

"In most cases, the victims of the inadvertent leaks are not informed of the breach," Vijayan writes.

Go to "Social Security agency leaks thousands of SSNs every year, report says" to read the details.

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