RedLock Emerges from Stealth with Cloud 360 Launch

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Security startup RedLock today launched Cloud 360, a platform that provides enterprises with security visibility and management that covers their multi-cloud environments.

Not only is it becoming increasingly common for organizations to use a third-party cloud provider, many are trusting their application workloads to more than one. This, of course, can make it tough for businesses and DevOps teams to keep an eye on security risks and ensure they comply with their regulatory and company-mandated obligations.

Enter RedLock Cloud 360, a "cloud-native" platform that eschews an IP-based approach to security to provides IT security personnel with a toolset that centralizes security visibility across multiple clouds, including the market-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS), and alerts users to potential risks. Instead, Cloud 360 uses an API-based approach, which the company claims allows DevOps to better keep track of the security posture of workloads that can wink in and out of existence in today's fast-paced cloud application scene.

Modern DevOps application development and deployment processes enable businesses to deliver software at a furiously fast pace. According to the company's own research, the average lifespan of a modern cloud workload is only 127 minutes. One of the RedLock's early customers spin up and retire 10,000 cloud workloads each day.

"Companies need to be confident that they can gain complete visibility into public infrastructure security to verify security policies, investigate incidents, or ensure full compliance in a cloud environment," said Varun Badhwar, CEO and co-founder of RedLock, in a May 9 announcement. "This is a true business imperative and our singular mission at RedLock: to help customers achieve their cloud infrastructure security goals and serve as the catalyst for digital business advancement."

The product includes automatic policy monitoring, anomaly detection and cloud forensics capabilities that slashes the time it takes to get to the root of security incidents. Other features include contextual alerting along with compliance and management reporting that generates a workload's risk cores like credit bureaus furnish credit scores to consumers, making it easier for business executives and other executives to gauge security risk.

The platform works by applying "machine learning to automatically discover workloads and connect the dots between configuration, user activity, network traffic, and threat intelligence data," explained Gaurav Kumar, RedLock's CTO and co-founder, in a statement. "It combines this deep understanding of the cloud infrastructure with patent-pending risk scoring technology to provide a true picture of risk and help organizations prioritize issues."

To date, the Menlo Park, Calif.-based startup has raised $12 million in funding provided by Sierra Ventures, Storm Ventures and Dell Technologies Capital, among other investors.