Police Central e-Crime Unit Claims Massive Savings to U.K. Economy

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The U.K. Metropolitan Police Service's Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) recently announced that its efforts have saved the British economy a total of £1.01 billion over the past two and a half years (h/t Sophos).

That's the amount of money that the U.K. economy has been prevented from losing through the impact of cybercrime. It's double the PCeU's official target of £504 million, achieved in half the expected time -- and it equates to a savings of £58 for every pound of funding invested in its operations.

Over the past two and a half years, the PCeU has charged 126 suspects, secured the conviction of 89 cyber criminals, disrupted 26 national and international organized cybercrime groups, and secured a total of 184 years' imprisonment for 61 criminals sentenced.

"The creation of three regional hubs across the U.K. has strengthened the national response to cyber crime," PCeU Detective Superintendent Terry Wilson said in a statement. "We have worked closely with partners from across the globe to reduce the financial harm to thousands of U.K. citizens and businesses, as well as securing the convictions many cyber criminals who have targeted the U.K."

"Harm is not always financial -- immeasurable levels of emotional and reputational harm is also suffered by those who have their personal details hacked and published," Wilson added. "In some cases, the release of personal information has potentially put lives at risk, so our achievements have also been significant in ensuring public safety."