Phishing Scam Targets Facebook Page Users

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Hoax-Slayer is warning of a new phishing scam leveraging e-mails that claim to come from Facebook Security and ask the recipient to take part in the new "Fan Page Verification Program" (h/t Sophos).

The e-mail ask recipients to click on a link and choose a 10-digit security code to complete the process -- and that if they don't do so by May 30, 2013, their page will be suspended.

If you click on the link in the e-mail, though, you'll be directed to a fake "Fan Page Verification Program" Web page, where you'll be asked for your Facebook login details.

There are several clues that it's a scam, though, including the broken English on the phishing page, which states, "Please write a 10 digit number and also remember to write it down in a piece of paper too because it is really important to remember it. Later on, when you need to transfer Admin Roles or change Important settings for your Fan Page, you will need this code."