Over 18 Percent of Docs in File Sharing Apps Contain Sensitive Data


According to a recent Skyhigh Networks report, 18.1 percent of all documents uploaded to cloud-based file sharing and collaboration services contain sensitive information, and 9.3 percent of files shared externally contain sensitive data.

Despite the average company using 1,427 cloud services to upload an average of 18.5 TB of data to cloud applications each month, the report states, less than 9 percent of cloud providers are taking the strict data security and privacy steps required to protect that data.

"As confidence in cloud grows and organizations trust providers with their most sensitive data, it is more important than ever to emphasize the shared-responsibility model that requires enterprises to secure employee usage and access to data in the cloud," Skyhigh Networks co-founder and CTO Kaushik Narayan said in a statement.

The average company experiences 23.2 cloud-related security incidents each months, according to the report, over half of which originate from malicious or negligent insiders.

A recent Netwrix survey of more than 600 IT professionals found that the security and privacy of data and systems in the cloud is a top concern from 70 percent of respondents. The top three cloud security concerns are unauthorized access (69 percent), malware (37 percent) and denial of service attacks (34 percent).

The most common factors that hinder cloud adoption, the survey found, are insufficient security mechanisms (56 percent), high costs and small budgets (54 percent), and lack of compliance guarantees (39 percent).

Sixty-one percent of respondents said their own employees pose more risk to data security in the cloud than anyone else.

"The 2016 survey has revealed that despite cloud providers trying hard to secure the cloud environments, the majority of IT pros are still not convinced that the technology is safe enough -- mainly because of the insider threat," Netwrix CEO and co-founder Alex Vovk said in a statement.

Separately, a CompTIA survey of 500 business and IT executives found that while more than 90 percent of companies use some form of cloud services, more companies currently place themselves in the non-critical use category (38 percent) than the full production stage (33 percent).

"The reality is that the cloud market is undergoing refinement as users gain greater appreciation and understanding of what cloud computing entails," CompTIA senior director of technology analysis Seth Robinson said in a statement.

The majority of respondents have been using cloud solutions for one to five years -- just six percent have been using cloud solutions for more than five years, and 23 percent have been leveraging the cloud for less than a year.

For companies that have switched from one public cloud provider to another, the most common reason cited was better offerings/features (37 percent), followed closely by security concerns (35 percent).

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