Orange Hacked Again

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The French telecom company Orange recently announced that 1.3 million customers' personal information was stolen by hackers in its second major breach this year (h/t The Inquirer).

"On 18 April, Orange identified an illegitimate access on a technical mailing and SMS platform, which it uses for its commercial campaigns in France," the company stated. "This access entailed the copy of a limited amount of personal data concerning certain customers and identified prospective customers."

Customers' full names, e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers, landline phone numbers, Internet operators and birthdates were accessed.

The company says no financial information was exposed.

A separate breach in February of this year exposed approximately 800,000 customers' information. As Graham Cluley points out, "To massively misquote Oscar Wilde: 'To lose your customers' data once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose it twice begins to look like carelessness.'"