Only 30 Percent of Employees Trust Employers to Keep Personal Info Private

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According to the results of the MobileIron Trust Gap Survey, more than 80 percent of consumers are now using personal phones and tablets for work, but only 30 percent "completely trust" their employer to keep their personal data private.

The survey of 2,997 randomly selected adults in the U.S., the U.K. and Germany was conducted from June 14 to 18, 2013 by Vision Critical.

In general, employees are confused about what data their employers are able to view on their mobile devices -- 41 percent think their employer can't see any information on their mobile devices, 15 percent aren't sure what their employer can see on their devices, and 44 percent think their employer can't see information on their device -- but they don't know what information.

The majority of employees aged 18-34 are not comfortable with their employers seeing their location, list of apps, personal e-mail, texts, photos, visit, phone and Internet usage, and voicemails.

In all cases, employees 55 and older are more comfortable with such access, though the majority of older employees also say they're not comfortable with their employers viewing their personal e-mail, texts, and voicemails.