Only 2 Percent of Companies Would Publicly Report a Security Breach

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A recent AlienVault survey found that only 2 percent of EU companies would be willing to go public if they suffered a security breach.

Just 38 percent would inform the relevant authorities, 31 percent would tell their employees, and only 11 percent would share the information with the security community.

Still, 50 percent said they would share intelligence with competitors following a hack, while 35 percent said they would be willing to reveal it anonymously.

"Sharing information about the source and nature of attacks allows the security community to act fast, and quickly isolate malicious or compromised hosts," AlienVault president and CEO Barmak Meftah said in a statement.

When asked what they would do first when new malware hits, 5 percent said they would do nothing at all, while 1 percent said they would wait to see the full impact, 31 percent said they would look for a patch, and 52 percent said they would research the impact of the malware.