Only 13 Percent of U.S. Companies Have Made Major Changes to Security Since 2011

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A recent CompTIA survey of 500 U.S. business and IT professionals and 500 executives at U.S. channel companies has found that while 82 percent of companies surveyed view their current level of security as completely or mostly satisfactory, only 13 percent say they've made drastic changes to their security approach in the past two years.

"The use of new technologies necessitates a change in security approach," CompTIA director of technology analysis Seth Robinson said in a statement. "It’s clear why companies view security as a top priority; but what’s less clear is whether they are fully aware of which actions to take to build an appropriate security posture for a new era of IT."

CompTIA's 11th Annual Information Security Trends study also found that most companies still view hacking and malware as the preeminent threats, rather than newer threats such as APTs, DoS attacks, IPv6 attacks and mobile malware.

"Many organizations may be assuming a satisfactory level of security without truly performing the due diligence to understand their exposure and build an appropriate security posture for a new era of IT," Robinson said. "To truly 'move the needle' on security readiness, the overall approach must be re-evaluated from the top level of the business down through all departments."

More results from the survey can be viewed here.