McAfee Security Update Blocks Internet Access

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A recent update to McAfee's security software left users exposed to malware and blocked access to the Internet.

"The problems were introduced by McAfee updates DAT 6807, released on Friday, and the subsequent DAT 6808, depending on which product was used," Computerworld's Lucian Constantin. "After installing these updates some home users started encountering errors when accessing the McAfee Security Center console, which prevented them from performing any action inside the program. Other users experienced a loss of Internet connection on their computers. McAfee confirmed these problems on Sunday in a technical document that described two possible solutions, both requiring users to update to a newly released DAT 6809 file."

"Furious enterprise and business customers posted comments yesterday on the McAfee blog claiming they were left high and dry after thousands of machines within their companies were left exposed by the updates," writes SC Magazine's Darren Pauli. "'I currently have over 3000 endpoints with this problem -- solution ASAP please McAfee,' customer Derosa wrote. Another customer, Bostjanc, said they had 46 of 152 machines affected. 'Soo theoretically if one of those users … gets a virus and spreads out to rest of the 45 computers, what then?"

"All the McAfee suites have been affected by the problem, including all patched versions of VirusScan Enterprise 8.8," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "To address these issues, the company has released a couple of critical hotfixes that must be applied by all customers in order to get everything running normally again."