McAfee: Aquaman Is Most Toxic Superhero

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McAfee researchers recently determined the 15 superheroes that present the greatest risk to users when searched for online -- specifically, searching for "Aquaman and free torrent download," "Aquaman and watch," "Aquaman and online", and "Aquaman and free trailer" yields an 18.6 percent chance of landing on a Web site that has tested positive for online threats such as spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses and other malware.

The top 15 superheroes with the highest percentage of risk in search results are as follows:

  1. Aquaman: 18.60 percent
  2. Mr. Fantastic: 18.22 percent
  3. The Hulk: 17.30 percent
  4. Wonder Woman: 16.77 percent
  5. Daredevil: 16.70 percent
  6. Iron Man: 15.63 percent
  7. Superman: 15.21 percent
  8. Thor: 15.10 percent
  9. Green Lantern: 15.00 percent
  10. Cyclops: 14.40 percent
  11. Wolverine: 14.27 percent
  12. Invisible Woman: 12.40 percent
  13. Batman: 12.30 percent
  14. Captain America: 11.77 percent
  15. Spider-Man: 11.15 percent

"Broadly speaking, this study confirms that scammers consider popular trends when deciding which victims to target," McAfee online security and safety evangelist Robert Siciliano wrote in a blog post. "This makes common sense. If hackers are motivated largely by profit, the biggest profits can be wrung from the largest pools of potential victims."