LSU Health Acknowledges Data Breach


LSU Health Shreveport recently began notifying patients that a processing error at Siemens Healthcare, which prints and mails doctors' bills on behalf of LSU Health, resulted in the exposure of 8,330 patients' personal information (h/t

According to an LSU Health statement [PDF file], the organization didn't discover the issue until patients began calling to say their bills were incorrect.

After an investigation, LSU Health determined that an error in a computer data entry field had caused names and treatment information for one patient to be sent to another patient's mailing addresses in 8,330 cases.

LSU Health says no Social Security numbers, birthdates or financial account numbers were exposed.

"LSU Health Shreveport and Siemens have identified the source problem and taken steps to ensure that this issue will not happen again," LSU health said in a statement [PDF file].

Affected patients have been sent corrected billing statements, and have been asked to destroy the incorrect statements they received.

Patients with questions are advised to call (888) 824-0379 or (318) 675-7550.