Ladies First Choice Acknowledges Insider Breach


Post-mastectomy products retailer Ladies First Choice recently began notifying 2,365 customers that their personal information was stolen by a former employee and provided to a competing company (h/t

"Specifically, it appears that certain customer files, which include customers' contact information, order history, medical care provider information, and potentially Social Security and/or Medicare numbers, were taken from the corporate files of Ladies First Choice, Inc., by a former employee who is now utilizing this information for purposes of soliciting orders or making orders for mastectomy related products for a competing business of Ladies First Choice, Inc., either with or without your consent," the company explained in the notification letter [PDF].

The company has reported the breach to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and is suing the former employee and the competing company for the theft of the information.

Customers with questions are advised to contact the company at (888) 301-4404.