Kaspersky Plans Secure OS for Industrial Control Systems

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In a recent blog post, Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky confirmed that his company is currently developing a secure operating system for industrial control system (ICS) software.

"While ideally all ICS software would need to be rewritten, incorporating all the security technologies available and taking into account the new realities of cyberattacks, the costly effort would still not guarantee the stable operation of systems, Kaspersky said," writes Computerworld's John Ribeiro. "The alternative, which he described as 'fully realizable,' would be a secure operating system, one onto which ICS can be installed, and which could be built into the existing infrastructure. It would control existing systems and guarantee the receipt of reliable data reports on the systems' operation, he added."

"The new OS aims to create a fully secure operating environment into which existing ICS software can be installed, where it can run with the assurance that any defects in its code cannot be exploited by outside programs," writes The Register's Neil McAllister. "Details on just how this can be accomplished this remain vague. Kaspersky says his company is working closely with ICS vendors and customers to develop the OS, and that details of that collaboration must remain confidential. Other aspects of the project he's just not sharing."

"With cyberattacks on the rise and industrial systems increasingly vulnerable, Kaspersky's approach seems like a viable solution," writes CNET News' Lance Whitney. "We'll just have to see if the company can pull it off."