Juniper Enhances Mykonos Web Security Software


Juniper Networks recently announced the addition of 30 new features and enhancements to its Mykonos Web Security Software.

"The release marks the first major update from Mykonos since the company's February acquisition by Juniper Networks," notes's Shaun Nichols. "While the Mykonos platform itself will see little immediate impact, the company said that it expects to gain better intelligence and visibility into the network through its connection to the Juniper platform."

"Among the features in the new software release is the ability of the Mykonos product to detect a wider range of attackers and hacking techniques through new countermeasures," writes Network World's Jim Duffy. "They include preventing brute-force authentication attacks that rapidly guess combinations of usernames and passwords to gain access to systems. The Mykonos software prevents the attacker from using any compromised credentials even if an attacker happens to 'guess' the correct password, Juniper says."

"Third-party software vulnerability protection can be integrated into Mykonos Web Security to help prevent against known software vulnerabilities typically targeted by automated attack scripts," writes Web Host Industry Review's Nicole Henderson. "The user interface has been simplified, Juniper says, and makes it easier for customers to manage systems. It also provides a new setup wizard tool for customers to quickly deploy without assistance from Juniper Networks."

"Web-based threats have become a major concern and companies require a proactive solution with real-time prevention to augment traditional-network security defenses," Mykonos vice president and general manager David Koretz said in a statement. "Mykonos is the first company to detect hackers during the reconnaissance phase of an attack. We can track, profile and, most importantly, respond to an attacker before the damage is done."