IT Managers Worry About Mobile Hotspot Security

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According to a recent survey of 250 IT managers conducted by Global Market Insite and commissioned by Smith Micro, 75 percent of enterprise IT managers say security is their main concern regarding mobile hotspot device usage by employees.

Seventy-one percent of respondents said their employees currently leverage smartphone hotspots -- and while 93 percent of companies surveyed are responsible for all or part of their employees' data plans, almost half of IT managers feel that they don't have adequate control over employee hotspot devices.

Forty-six percent of the IT managers that manage both dedicated hotspots and smartphone hotspots said the number of technical support calls and incidents had risen since mobile hotspots were introduced.

"While a growing number of consumers are embracing mobile hotspots and the advantages of multi-device connectivity, when these devices are introduced into the workplace, enterprise IT inherits the responsibility to make them secure," Smith Micro senior director of product marketing Doug Louie said in a statement. "In addition to security risks, more than one-third of IT managers were concerned about the lack of control over hotspot policy management, which is needed to provide protection against data leakage and device misuse, as well as reducing the burden on technical support and training, saving companies a lot of time and money."