Iran Conducts Cyber Warfare Drill

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According to Iran's Press TV, the country's navy recently conducted a cyber warfare drill as part of six days of naval maneuvers.

"On Sunday, senior Iranian commander Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari said, 'During one of the practices of the second day of the drills, aggressive forces launched a cyber attack against the computer network of defensive forces in order to infiltrate the network and hack information or spread viruses,'" the article states.

"Rastegari said the cyber attack was successfully detected and blocked," AFP reports. "Over the past three years, Iranian industrial facilities including oil and nuclear sites, as well as communications networks and banking systems, have all come under cyber attacks blamed on the United States and regional arch-foe Israel."

"Iranian navy's 'cyber defense group' is a specialized unit that monitors and protects the computer network of the naval forces and detects 'all cyber infiltration and immediately takes necessary measures to counter them,' Rastegari said," Global Times reports.