IBM Intros Security Network Protection XGS 5000 Appliance

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IBM today announced a new network security appliance, the IBM Security Network Protection XGS 5000.

"The company claimed the XGS 5000 would expand visibility and analysis, allowing administrators to gain a better view of network activity and potential security threats," writes V3.co.uk's Shaun Nichols. "Based on the company's core threat engine, the XGS 5000 will combine IBM's current IPS platform with additional security tools to form what the company describes as a 'next generation' intrusion prevention platform."

"IDC security research analyst Charles Kolodgy says the IBM XGS 5000 does represent a new kind of IPS-based product that 'improves network, user, and application awareness' and 'vastly improves an IPS's ability to provide full network protection, especially trying to uncover custom malware and stealth attacks perpetrated by advanced persistent threats,'" writes Network World's Ellen Messmer.

"The escalation of targeted attacks and rapid adoption of mobility, cloud and social media requires companies to take a new approach to securing the enterprise," Brendan Hannigan, general manager of IBM's Security Systems Division, said in a statement. "IBM is uniquely positioned to help our customers address these challenges with our new Advanced Threat Protection Platform that combines total security intelligence from within the enterprise, exhaustive external threat intelligence and the new XGS appliance that delivers fine-grained activity detection and control."